Extra large leisure beach weekender bags and sand free towels
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Aussie designers of the ultimate weekend bag
for beach, boat, picnics, travel... anything!


Our versatile leisure bag is designed to do the job of almost every other bag you own, or plan to.

From beach to boat, picnic to pool, gym to getaways, our extra large bags are perfect as a beach bagtravel bag and weekender bag for women and men. We also happen to design some great looking sand free towels and thoughtful accessories too!


"Lugging stuff everywhere is a real turn off to getting out and about, so to know it's all in just one bag is awesome. It has actually inspired me to get out more, which for an indoors girl is HUGE!"

- Vicki F. Australia

"I love my new bag and tassel. It fits heaps in it. I carry three towels, sunscreen, drink bottles, along with purse, phone, keys etc and still have heaps of room. The towels are super amazing and dry really fast. Thanks heaps ladies."

- Filomena G. Australia

Absolutely love my new purchase! Stylish and fits everything for work and play! It's great for my workshops, carrying files and scripts for movies and banners. I keep my office in my bag so this is PERFECT! Thanks Mr Poppins+Co!

- Beej F. Australia

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