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Live large. Why the tote bag is the new must-have

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Live large. Why the tote bag is the new must-have

If you’ve ever experienced the sheer frustration of trying to squeeze your phone, keys, sunglasses and lipstick into a too small bag, we have great news: the teeny, tiny bag trend is officially over.

Those sweet little cross-body bags might look cute on Instagram, but we all know the ‘gram has nothing to do with real life. Ironically, it was the Instagram account @thebigbagclub that helped swing the pendulum. Started as a meme page to parody big bags by Virginia Rolle, a 23-year-old Milan-based graphic designer, it has attracted a following of heavy hitting fashionistas and designers. In a case of life imitating art, fashion brands have taken inspiration from the outsized imagery and the big designer tote bag is creating big waves on runways in Milan, London, Paris and New York. Bella, Kaia, Kim and Katie have all been papped with tote bags in tow.

Taking the designer tote bag to the extreme @thebigbagclub

The tote bag is totally of the moment

Never has high fashion been more in-step with the times. A larger bag like Mr Poppins+Co Chica Everyday Tote allows you to be prepared for anything. Facemask? Check. Hand sanitiser? Check. Water bottle? Check. Laptop? Check. Snacks? Check. In uncertain times you can be certain that with 27.5 litres of carrying capacity, you have the space to sweep the contents off your desk and into your tote bag at a moment’s notice.

Of course, our canvas tote bags are made for life way beyond lockdown. We are firm believers in ‘buy better, buy once’. The Chica is made from premium marine grade canvas and is constructed to cope with heavy duty wear and tear. While the tote is the bag of the moment, the Chica is designed to be your go-to bag for years and years.

Designer details to look for

Mr Poppins+Co was co-founded by a serious fashion fiend (in a previous life, Dory owned an exclusive boutique with international labels to lust after) so were not all substance and no style. Chica is chic as! The secret to designing a larger bag that won’t overwhelm your look, is to keep lines sleek and the colour palette neutral. Our Chica canvas tote bag comes in five timeless shades that complement any look: grey, black, sand, sage and blue. We prevent big from ever becoming boring with genuine leather handles and accents, and contrasting nylon webbing crossbody straps and detailing.

chica every day tote leather detailsfree zipped pursedesigner tote bag
The little details that make for a stylish big bag.


The other big bag design tip is pockets – lots of them. When you have the ability to carry your entire life in a bag, you need to be able to find what you’re looking for easily. Digging is for dogs, not harried humans who need to find a muesli bar before the two-year-old goes into meltdown, or a laptop charger just as the zoom call is set to start. The Chica Everyday Tote has four internal pockets, so you can keep your bag and life neatly compartmentalised.

It even includes a matching purse – big enough for the aforementioned phone, keys, sunglasses and lipstick.

Big has never been more beautiful.

Grab one of your own fashion focussed totes to covet.

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