Raving fans...


Melisa E. Australia
I’ve been waiting for a bag like this! We spend so much time outdoors with towels and water bottles and changes of clothes, and I have been through a zillion different bag options - some too small, some too heavy, some too fussy, most just deteriorating quickly. Thank you for an alternative to the Ikea bag!!

Stacey R. Australia

Best bag!! Used it at a picnic on the public holiday just gone and it was so spacious it can literally fit as much as you can carry! Honestly just loving it, and got heaps of compliments down the coast last week.

Sue W. Australia

How brave was I to trust my bag to the ferry cage heading off to Rotto? It was fantastic! Such an easy bag to use and strong enough I needn’t have worried. Love it!!

Laura R. Australia

I am loving my new bag - such a great size! I love how it maintains its structure and look whether it is full or almost empty. It's also really easy to carry with the adjustable strap. We were at swimming lessons and it got a few admiring glances!

Beej F. Australia

Absolutely love my new purchase! Stylish and fits everything for work and play! It's great for my workshops, carrying files and scripts for movies and banners. I keep my office in my bag so this is PERFECT! Thanks Mr Poppins+Co!

Filomena G. Australia

I love my new bag and tassel. It fits heaps in it. I carry three towels, sunscreen, drink bottles, along with purse, phone, keys etc and still have heaps of room. The towels are super amazing and dry really fast. Thanks heaps ladies.

E-von L. Australia

Outings aren't such a disorderly nightmare these days with extra help from my new leisure bag. I love the fact that it has so much room to store everything (I was able to fit a basketball, footy plus drink bottles) and pretty stylish too!

Sabrina F. Australia

Outstanding customer service - I placed an order yesterday afternoon and my items arrived today! Thank you Mr Poppins+Co, I love them.

Anna R. Australia
Love the bag! It's a fab overnighter! I've never had a good bag for myself. We take it to our holiday home in Harvey all the time as it holds all the family's gear for an overnight stay.

Mellena M. Australia
Who said 'Nippers' can’t be fancy! Goodbye IKEA bag, hello Mr Poppins and Co!

Meagan S. Australia
The bag is fantastic! It is durable, elegant and fits so much! I pack all my girls and my gear in the one bag, love it! 

Rosy M. Australia
In anticipation of a weekend at Crown Towers, I bought your Bloom bag to use as my overnighter. Best decision! Everything I needed (and I need a lot) fitted comfortably in this one bag! Historically I would have shown up with either my international sized suitcase fit for a 10 week holiday or 4 small overflowing bags! Instead, I waltzed in comfortably and elegantly with one beautiful tote! Thank you, it's perfect x

Jim B. Australia
You should call this bag the Pandora bag! I love the compartments, especially for my keys, phone and wallet. I'm really impressed with the overall functionality.

Arabel E. Australia
We bought the Toucan bag and loved it so much that we went back for a second one - the Feather print bag (and matching towel). It’s hard to find a functional bag that can fit everything in that caters for the whole family’s needs.

Vicki F. Australia
Lugging stuff everywhere is a real turn off to getting out and about, so to know it's all in just one bag is awesome. It has actually inspired me to get out more, which for an indoors girl is HUGE!

Steve T. Australia

Bought your bag today and we've used it already! Carried the food for dinner to my sisters, the kids clothes, shoes and jumpers, the actual backpack itself that we already had as the kids' bag plus phones wallets and of course a bottle of wine - all in the one bag....oh and the two microfibre towels we bought were still in there. It was awesome!

Anthea K. Australia
Beautiful, big bags! Great quality and ultra stylish. I love the matching towels too!

Rosa L. Australia
Love my new leisure bag and matching towel!! Very impressed with premium fabric, accessories and functionality.

Cherie H. Australia
My hubby gave me a surprise this morning. I LOVE it! It's amazing quality - thank you!

Kristen N. Australia
Thank you Mr Poppins+Co for producing such beautiful items. The towels and bags have been a huge hit with the family this Christmas. Loving the wet bag - so handy!!!


Collated from messages posted to us on social media or email.