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5 reasons to get her a gift voucher

2 min read

A gift voucher wrapped as a beautiful gift

Are you a person who thinks a gift voucher is a lazy gift? A thoughtless after thought? Here's why most women secretly really prefer them...

1. It's flexible
Gift cards give her the option to buy something she will adore from a brand she loves. It also allows her to upgrade, if she wishes, by supplementing the voucher amount to get something that previously was out of her price range. 

2. It absolutely is personal
By giving a gift voucher, she will know you've heard that she loves the brand or has her eye on something specific and that you want her to have what she wants. (Even if it was a last minute gift!)

3. It never disappoints
Let's face it, some people are a nightmare to buy for, even if you know what they want. They might be particular about colours, patterns, size and shape. A gift card says "I love you and know what you want... now pick it yourself!"

4. It's ideal for a group
Gift vouchers are the perfect milestone birthday, retirement or thank you gift from the family or team. They allow for a pooling of resources to gift a memorable present and eliminates the indecision process for all involved. 

5. It's easy to buy and send from isolation
The Covid-19 crisis has made getting together to celebrate the people we love pretty much impossible. A Mr Poppins+Co gift card says "I'm thinking of you on your special day" and can be sent locally, interstate or overseas. We can even personalise a physical gift card and mail it on your behalf or email an e-card instantly. With a 3 year expiry date she can purchase effortlessly online and we will ship direct whenever she's ready.




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