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Lovely design and great for the purpose of identifying your own personal items.
Only suggestion would be to add multiple additional designs that can be selected based on personal preference.

Well made design with a very quick delivery

This toiletry bag is huuuuuuge and honestly perfect.

Airlie Beach

Used it for the first time fora girls long weekend away. It is hands down the best bag I have ever had. Love it.

Great product

Kahoots Weekender Travel Bag - Dusk
Maureen Moeris Moeris

Lovely bag an good size

Great products

My Bundle
Eleanor Hooper

My Bundle

Another beautiful product from Mr Poppins

Once again this was gift for our Daughter. Once again she loved it. The same amazing quality & service from Mr Poppins.

Loving it

I picked up mine from my sisters. Thank you soooooo much for getting it to me. Can't wait to use on my next jaunt down to Perth. Getting fed up waiting at the baggage carousel.
PS loving the makeup bag too xxx


First time I’ve used it tonight, leaving my FIFO job in Karratha. I literally stopped the whole airport check in as everyone was in raptures about my bag. Movie star treatment thanks to this bag. Love it 🥰

Love this little bag ! Fits everything I need in it and it's not bulky

The BEST toilet bag I’ve ever had! Couldn’t love it more. AND it fits so much in it. The only toilet bag of this size I’ve found that fits a shampoo and conditioner bottle as well as ALL our other items.

These packing cells are fabulous

OMG I absolutely LOVE this bag. The quality of the fabric is amazing and it holds so many things. My new favourite weekender bag for hubby and my trips away. Thank you for making this delightful bag Mr Poppins team x

First time buyer and loving it

I bought this bag and I am loving it. It's shape and room is perfect for all that I have. It sits open when on the bench and the 2 internal pockets allow all my extra bits and pieces to be stored separately. The quality & service is amazing, I highly recommend getting one, you know you want to !!!

Love love love holds so much

Love love love my bag

Gorgeous and great size. Everything should fit for travel and won’t have to take multiple bags Would love it in a makeup bag as an accessory xxxxx

Love love love 💃🏼

This is the best tote! Beautifully made, so much room and so stylish it goes with any outfit!

Love the pattern and how the bag opens

First time purchase

I was told about this line a few months ago. Then I was given a Tote bag as a gift and instantly I fell in love. So I had to try a toiletry bag next. Again fell in love with not only the colours but the design and the amount I can actually fit in them. So guess what? I bought another lol.

Now I will be buying more as gifts as everyone, I feel needs to have one at least.
If you are a traveller or not they are worth every penny.

Thank you Mr Poppins for making my life so much more organised and simple with no mess or leaks in my suitcase anymore.

Love my bag

I am so glad I found you guys and took the chance on a new bag. I went away recently and as always packed too much but was able to fit everything including an oodie into the bag!!! Little hidey hole pockets everywhere, stylish and different. Not something I think I will need to replace for a verrry loooong time!! Thank you for popping up in my feed!!!