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Our design philosophy

Mr Poppins+Co was founded in 2017, by two friends who also happen to be designers. Between us, we’ve had successful careers in graphic design, jewellery design and interior design, as well as a delicious dive into high-end fashion retailing.

We’ve spent our lives applying our creativity to finding considered solutions that also delight. We believe that practical can be beautiful; attention to detail is everything; and quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship are non-negotiables. Whatever the medium, great design is about creating something that will stand the test of time.

Terri ioannoD'Orazio co owners and designers at Mr Poppins+Co Australia

Our design brief

When motherhood (and the paraphernalia that goes with every stage of child wrangling) happened, we felt compelled to put our design heads together to create the mother of all bags.

Our design brief was to create the ultimate hold all that would allow us to get out of the door with just one bag. It had to be super-functional, yet totally fabulous; it had to work as an overnight bag, travel bag, beach bag, sports bag, you-name-it bag. We wanted to create the ultimate Mary Poppins bag, where you could magically pull out whatever you need, wherever you were. Oh, and the Mister had to be happy to be seen carrying it too.

And so Mr Poppins+Co was born. We launched with our signature Leisure Bag – an encapsulation of our design philosophy, a reflection of our needs. We continue to add to our range with timeless bags and accessories.

Bringing our designs to life

Every Mr Poppins+Co piece is personally designed by us, and we are across every detail: from the design of the prints, to the durability of the marine grade canvas; from the ergonomics of the soft-grip handles, to the robustness of the zips. We know our makers personally; we have hand-picked every supplier and visited every workshop.

We embrace a slow fashion ethos and believe if you buy well, you buy once.

Inspired by our brand’s namesake, we strive to create pieces that are ‘practically perfect in every way’.

Signed by Co-owners of Mr Poppins+Co Terri and Dory