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How to pack light for a weekend getaway

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How to pack light for a weekend getaway

Whether you’re visiting friends, attending a wedding or just need a recharge, a weekend trip should be a stress-free getaway.

Maybe you’re the kind of person who leaves their packing to the last minute, throws a few items into any old bag and only discovers all the things they forgot when it’s too late. Either way, if you find it hard to keep your packing on track, we know the struggle. 

Packing for a weekend away shouldn’t be tough. It should make you feel excited about your trip and leave room for spontaneity. It takes practice and self-control, but once you’ve nailed the art of packing for short trips, you won’t look back! 

Here’s our guide on what to pack for a weekend away. Feel free to adopt and adapt your packing list for your next quick getaway.


A little preparation in the clothing department goes a long way. Plan out what you’ll wear each day and it’ll be easier to leave behind the extra “what if” choices. Make sure you take a look at the weather forecast so that you can decide whether to go long sleeve or short.

You should also think about what activities you’ve got planned and choose your clothes appropriately. If you’re having a pretty chilled out weekend trip, you might get away with wearing the same pants the whole time. But if you’ve got lots of sweaty activities planned, you’ll probably want a few changes of clothes.

Consider folding, then rolling your clothes to save space in your bag and ensuring they arrive crinkle free. Better still, pack clothes that don't need ironing and in servicable colours to weather a few extra wears while still looking neat.

When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money – Susan Heller


In general, it’s best to choose comfy footwear that translates well from day to night when packing for a weekend away. Of course, it depends on the activities that you’ve got planned, but try to pick shoes that are versatile and will go with the different outfits you’ve picked out.

For example, a comfy pair of walking shoes/everyday shoes might be all you need if you’re not going anywhere fancy. If you’ve got a romantic date lined up or a wedding to attend, slip in a pair of heels too.


Choose the accessories that go with your chosen outfits. Consider taking a hat and sunglasses if you’ll be outdoors a lot and throw in a scarf if the weather looks chilly. Try not to overpack accessories. Like footwear, they should be versatile and work with multiple outfits if possible.

Toiletries and Makeup

Toiletries are an essential part of your weekend packing list. The golden rule for toiletries is to take just what you need for your daily routine. You know, your moisturiser, suncream, face wash, soap, hairbrush, toothbrush and toothpaste. Consider washing your hair the day before you leave so you don’t have to bring shampoo and conditioner along. Bring the makeup you need for the activities you’ve got planned.

If you’re sick of rummaging through toiletry bags to find what you need, check out our roomy beauty bags. They stand up by themselves and open nice and wide so you can find what you need without tipping everything out. They’re very versatile and perfect for that weekend getaway, longer trips and everyday activities.

Tech and Entertainment

Don’t forget your phone charger! And any other tech items you’ll need on your time away like your earbuds, laptop or camera. If you’re a reader, pack a book. If you’re a games person, throw in a pack of cards. Planning on swimming? Make sure you’ve got your bathers, towel and a small bag for the beach. You don’t want to overpack on entertainment, but having a fun thing or two to do in the evenings can make the trip that much better.


If you’re heading somewhere that doesn’t supply bedding or towels, make sure you pack what you need. Usually, that’s a set of sheets and pillowcases and a towel, but it could also mean tea towels and bathmats too. Confirm with the accommodation exactly what you’ll need to bring. Not keen on bringing your bulky cotton towel that takes up half of the bag room? Check out our super-soft microfibre beach towels that feel amazing and won’t take up much room in your bag. They’re great for using in the accommodation as well as at the beach and swimming pools.

Choosing the right bag for your trip

Now that you know what to pack for a weekend getaway, you’ve got to choose the right bag for the trip! It’s got to be roomy enough to fit everything in it, but still convenient and light enough to carry around.

The ideal weekender bag should have enough pockets so you can pack smart and find what you need when you need it. Look for fabrics that are sturdy and durable – you’ll want a quality bag that you can keep using again and again.

When choosing your bag, don’t just think about the practicalities! Choose something stylish and beautiful so that you love using it and feel proud of taking it with you on every trip.

Check out the Kahoots Travel + Leisure Bag – perfect for weekends away

We got sick of lugging several bags out the door for what should have been a quick and easy weekend away. That’s why we designed the ultimate weekender bag that’s spacious, dependable and gorgeous to look at. Made from sturdy, water-resistant canvas, the Kahoots leisure bag can be taken on water adventures, camping trips, relaxing holidays and more. Whatever you’ve got planned for your weekend away, this is a bag that can do it all.


… and get excited about your next weekend trip!

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