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Kiva Loans

Mr Poppins+Co supports entrepreneurs with KIVAGodfred is an artisan from Ghana who specialises in hand-carved wood masks. He says, "Due to financial constraints, my parents could not further my education, and so I had to drop out of school and join my uncle, who was a wood carver. Thanks to the woodcarving, I've been able to educate my four children, and I know that, with constant sales, I'll be able to give them a brighter future than I had. This motivates me to wake up each day to carve!"
Mr Poppins+Co Loans through KivaFifita is 60 years old and she is a single mother of four grown ups living on the island of Vava'u, Tonga. She raised her children with her weaving only. The price for each Taovala depends on its size and design. She wanted her children to experience life in different ways from her by educating them to achieve goodness in life.
Support others with KIVARipena is 21 years old and the mother of one living in Samoa. She makes and sells Elei printed material to earn a living and has been doing this for three years. She plans to use her profits to pay for her family's weekly expenses
Mr Poppins+Co supports KivaSafarmo is a 51-year-old woman from the town of Kulob in Tajikistan. She is the mother of two sons. She earns money by sewing women's clothing, primarily engaged in traditional Tajik embroidery and now is looking to expand her business.