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How to identify your travel style

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How to identify your travel style

When it comes to vacations, luckily we don’t all share the same dream.

Can you imagine how crazy the peak surcharges would be if we were all trying to get to the same place at the same time! One person’s 5-star resort is another person’s holiday of last resort.

A friend who grew up in very humble surrounds views camping as personal failure. He says, “I’ve worked my whole life to own a home with running water, electricity and a comfortable bed. Why would I willingly go back?” For others, the chance to go off grid and get back to basics recharges their soul.

To help you identify what truly sparks getaway joy, start paying attention to what makes you feel most alive and content in your everyday life.

If diving into water makes stress melt away, then a week by the coast may be just the recharge you need. Conversely, if you never visit museums or galleries in your home town, why travel across the country or the globe to start? Our theory is, when you only get a limited holidays a year make every day count. You do you.


To find your travel style, ask yourself which are you happiest surrounded by?

Kahoots bag for travelling with kids

Family and Friends
For you, the where is not as important as the who. You could be all squeezed in together staying at a relative’s place, or have a row of tents set up in a campground. It’s the connection and coming together that counts. The more the merrier for BBQs and board games, family vs family football and fireside marshmallows.

Simple times still call for packing plenty of stuff. The Kahoots wide mouth opening makes it easy to pack bulky items like games and sporting equipment, while the outside pockets means you can always locate the pack of cards or matches in seconds.

The further you go off grid, the bigger the grin. It could be a cabin in the forest or a caravan by the coast. Whether you’re a glamper or a camper, the soothing effect of slowing down and being immersed in nature is the same.

With six pockets, the Kahoots has compartments for all your gear as well as a separate zipped wet bag for muddy hiking boots or wet swimsuits.

TIP: Bundle it with a plush, light-weight sand free towel and we’ll include a toiletry bag for free.

Holidays are a time to enjoy the finer things in life. Whether it’s an overseas resort or boutique hotel weekend getaway, you want to feel indulged. Beautiful food and wine, buzzy bars and nightlife, fabulous surrounds, fluffy white robes and fresh linen every day (no one is guilting you with that ‘save the environment, please hang up your towel card’ in the bathroom).

best bag for boutique hotel stays

You need outfits. Many outfits. With matching footwear. And accessories. There will be shopping. And possibly new outfits. You will use all 58 litres of your Kahoots Leisure Bag. You will make a style statement as you stroll through the lobby in an outfit that co-ordinates with your bag. You will probably take a selfie. (You will not use #blessed!)

Difference and Diversity
Travel is a chance to experience the new – whether it’s another town, city, state or country. You love the process of learning about different people, places, cuisines or cultures. The delight is in the discovery. You’re open to adventure and try to pack for any contingency.

Curiosity goes both ways. How you present yourself, gives the world a clue into you. The choice of print of your Kahoots bag speaks volumes without saying a word. With our new overhead locker-friendly size, there’s no risk of losing your luggage no matter how chaotic the airport.


Whatever your travel style, we wish you happy holidays.


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