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What’s so good about a sand free beach towel?

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What’s so good about a sand free beach towel?

If you’ve searched online for a new beach towel, you’ve no doubt stumbled across a sand free towel. It’s the current buzz word for a microfibre beach towel or travel towel.

While you’re no doubt familiar with microfibre cleaning cloths - known for their non abrasive texture and dirt grabbing qualities, you may be less familiar with this textile’s use outside of the kitchen. 

In recent years the number of brands using microfibre textiles in apparel and homewares has exploded but, buyer beware, not all are created equal.

Premium microfibre 101

The highest quality microfibre fabric is a blend of Polyester and Polyamide (nylon), commonly blended in ratios of 80:20 or 70:30. The polyester provides the structure, while the polyamide adds density and absorption.

Premium microfibre is ‘split’, each fibre fanned into many micro fibres usually around 5 times thinner than a human hair. This creates a greater surface area making microfibre fabric significantly more absorbent and denser than cotton. In fact, microfibre fabric can hold 7 times it’s weight in water without losing a drop!

Microfibre textiles comes in a variety of weaves and thicknesses measured in grams per square metre (or oz per square yard). The higher the weight, the thicker the fabric and the heavier the final product.

BUYER TIP: Avoid 100% polyester microfibre - the effectiveness and the feel of the product will disappoint. If the fibre content is not listed on your product at all, you are likely buying an inferior product.

5 reasons to love premium microfibre sand free towels over cotton beach towels

  1. Microfibre towels last longer than cotton towels. They retain their colour and effectiveness after hundreds of washes so no need to buy new towels as often.
  2. Microfibre towels dry 3x faster than cotton so they’re easy to re-use quicker and wont get that musty wet towel smell.
  3. Microfibre towelling doesn’t trap sand because the fibres are dense, pile is short and unlooped unlike cotton towelling. Leave the sand at the beach not in your car!
  4. A microfibre towel has the same surface area as a cotton towel four times the size, making it ultra absorbent. Use a gentle patting action and the water disappears instantly.
  5. Microfibre towelling is significantly lighter and more compact when folded compared to a cotton towel the same. Great for travel and getting out and about without the bulk.

Why a Mr Poppins+Co sand free beach towel?

During the research and development stage of our product range in 2016, we were underwhelmed with the feel of the available microfibre textiles on our skin. Where the waffle or suede weave was readily available, they felt stiff and oddly thin. 

While we wanted the benefits of microfibre, we didn’t want to sacrifice the warm hug we enjoyed with cotton towels. We decided to custom mill our own uniquely plush 300gm textile to deliver the amazingly soft and luxurious drying experience we were after. 

We believe fabric composition and weave are the two most important factors that should influence your decision to purchase a microfibre sand free beach towel as these determine its overall effectiveness, feel and price. The Mr Poppins+Co Footloose Sand Free Beach Towels are unlike any microfibre beach towel on the market and our customers most certainly feel the difference.

“So soft, feels luxurious and lightweight.”

“This towel is so soft against your skin. I love the feel of it and it’s so pretty.”

“Love how lightweight and silky these beach towels are!”

“Super soft, beautiful and light towel! Best ever.” 

Try a Footloose Sand Free Beach Towel for yourself and take it on your summer adventures. Tag us on Instagram @mrpoppinsandco – we'd love to see what you're up to!


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