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The best big bag for families

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Stylish, big and practical family bag

customer review mel erak

Meet Melisa - busy mum of two, nurse and great outdoors explorer...

Mel was one of our first customers who bought two of our Kahoots leisure bags in readiness for a Christmas, family holiday/road trip to Exmouth in December 2017 - Bloom for herself and a Toucan for her family. We caught up with her and asked how the bags were fitting in to her life.

What are the different ways you use your leisure bag?
We use it all the time! We use it for sport and swimming lessons weekly. If we're going to visit friends, we pack our jumpers, water bottles, books and iPads. It was great over Christmas when we were carrying extra clothes, food and presents around the place.

“I’ve been waiting for a bag like this! We spend so much time outdoors with towels and water bottles and changes of clothes, and I have been through a zillion different bag options - some too small, some too heavy, some too fussy, most just deteriorating quickly. Thank you for an alternative to the Ikea bag!!”

We use it for picnics to carry a rug, utensils, food and wine, but mostly we use it to go to the beach. It's great to keep our wallets and phones in a sand proof pocket and then the main compartment for all of our towels and changes of clothes.

We recently went down south for a long weekend, and I used one to pack my things in and the other for the children's clothes. Both bags were completely full. They were a lovely size and shape to fit in the back of the car. Our bags have now been to Exmouth, Karijini, Margaret River and back. 

What bag issues did you have that your leisure bag solves?

  • I couldn't easily find a large, light bag for wet bathers and towels, that also looked nice and could hold phones, keys and wallets safe and dry.

  • I always ended up with 2 or more bags for any outing and I had so many underwhelming bags in the house! Now I have one! (Well, technically I have two but one is just for me!)

  • Most big bags are hard to see into when they are full - this bag has a fabulous wide mouth that is easy to access when it's packed.

What specific features do you love about your leisure bag?
I love how it opens up so wide that I can see everything inside easily, the size and number of pockets and the look and feel of the handles. 

What would you say to anyone considering the purchase of a Kahoots leisure bag?
It looks gorgeous and is so functional, it will become your go-to bag for many occasions. Ours has had definitely been given a work out and still looks great. Very good quality. 


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