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How to tote your office anywhere

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How to tote your office anywhere

If you’re over the isolation of working from home, but not quite ready for the fulltime distractions of the office, there’s always the coffice – the coffee shop office. Or, if you crave silence but still want free Wi-Fi, try your local library. Being based in Perth, Western Australia, our favourite is the breathtaking City of Perth Library designed by architect Kerry Hill. 

Chica has out of office, in the bag

Obviously the first step to toting your office anywhere, is the right tote. Our Chica Everyday Tote combines an elegant, minimalist aesthetic while facilitating maximalists on the move. Don’t be fooled by its slimline design – the Chica has a cavernous 27.5 litre capacity.

The strong and secure crossbody strap keeps hands free, so you can carry your entire mobile office and coffee at the same time. This versatile bag is made from heavy duty marine-grade canvas - it can work even harder than you do.

However, it’s not all work and no play. This canvas tote bag still makes a style statement with genuine leather handles and accents. Chica comes in five timeless colour ways - grey, black, sand, sage and blue – complemented by contrasting striped nylon trim.

Inside, four internal pockets ensure there is a place for everything – a tidy bag is a tidy mind! Chica even includes a free matching purse so there’s no need to bring a second bag for your cash or cards, phone, lipstick and keys.

Mobile office must-haves

You’ve found the perfect designer tote bag, now here’s what you need to pack:

  • Laptop and charger – you don’t want a flat battery to stop the flow of ideas.
  • Notebook and pen – when you’re working from a smaller screen, it’s easier to jot down key points/ideas than toggle between multiple windows.
  • Headphones – great for blocking out noise and signalling to waitstaff that you don’t want to be disturbed.
  • Water bottle and keep cup – Chica has compartments for both.

Coffice tips and etiquette

  • While your chosen coffee shop is your temporary office, it’s someone’s fulltime business. If you are planning on setting up for longer than an hour or two, check with the manager that they don’t mind.
  • Choose your café wisely. That cool hole-in-the-wall place with only four tables won’t welcome your coffice set-up quiet as enthusiastically as the large coffee chain. The coffee will be better at the former, but the welcome will be warmer at the later.
  • Avoid peak times – see the first two points above.
  • Set your phone to silent if it is going to be continually pinging with messages and emails.
  • Choose a table near a power point if your phone or laptop fade fast. Laptop cables are trip hazards and you don’t want to end up wearing someone else’s long black.
  • Pay your way – especially in independent cafes. If you’re taking up real estate for the afternoon, the rent should be more than one coffee. As an added bonus, that wrap or salad will boost the glycogen level in your brain so you continue to work effectively.

Working remotely? With Chica, you’ve totes got this.

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