The best bag for a new mum

March 27, 2018

The best bag for a new mum


New mums soon realise that their days of carrying a cute little handbag everywhere are over, at least for a few years. Whilst there are a myriad of nappy bag styles to choose from, few grow with your family, morphing into whatever you need it to be on any day.

When mums get together to design a product that suits their needs you know it’s gonna suit yours and the Mr Poppins+Co range of products are standout in quality, style and practicality.

Co-owner Terri Ioannou shares why it’s the perfect gift for a new mum:

“Kahoots will easily tote everything you need for all your family outings and look stylish doing it. Imagine only needing to take one bag for a whole day out! It comes with a great wet/dry pouch for separating damp from dry inside the bag.”


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