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The clever bag for new mums that will evolve as the family grows

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best for new mums and baby

New mums soon realise that their days of carrying a single handbag everywhere are over, at least for a few years.

Whilst there are a myriad of nappy bag styles to choose from, few grow with your family, morphing into whatever you need it to be for every occasion.

What they don't tell you is that besides your handbag and a nappy bag to carry all you need to change and clean your baby on the go, you'll ALSO need a beach bag or two to get your toddler's toys, clothes and snacks to the park and back. Then you'll need a big bag to carry all the gear for your family outings because, by now, you have at least 2 kids (and heading out for the day means you need to take half your worldly possessions with you). Additionally, you'll need a weekend bag to get them to camps and sleep overs and, until they're much older, you'll be expected to carry it full to the brim while holding a child's hand.

By our calculations as mothers, you're looking down the barrel of at least 4 bag purchases - presuming the ones you buy are up to the task. Some may say "cross that bridge when you get to it", but our suggestion is that you think about all the bags you'll need and consider the one bag that will be all those to you at every stage of your families growth - the Kahoots leisure bag.

When mums get together to design a product that suits their needs you know it’s gonna suit yours and the Mr Poppins+Co range of products are standout in quality, style and practicality.

Co-owner Terri Ioannou shares why the Kahoots leisure bag is the perfect gift for a new mum:

“Simply put, the Kahoots leisure bag will evolve with your family. It will easily tote everything you need as your family grows and look stylish doing it. Imagine only needing to take one bag for a whole family day out! It also comes with a handy wet/dry bag for separating damp or soiled gear inside the bag - really useful for swimming lessons or little mishaps." 


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