Stylish solution is in the bag

The year began with a great boost for us when both The Weekend West Seven Days lift-out and Women's Fitness magazine were keen to introduce us to their readers - we couldn't have been prouder. 

We have booked a number of events this year to help showcase our new leisure bags and sand-free towels to potential customers because size and quality is often hard to grasp without actually feeling it, right?

Seven Days lift-out - What's hot! Jan 20, 2018

Seven Days lift-out - What's hot! Jan 20, 2018

Mr Poppins+Co has been a labour of love for the Perth mums who perfected the design over the course of a year.
— The weekend west - seven days

Women's Fitness Magazine Feb 2018 pg 110

Ideal for all your fitness adventures from gym to swim.
— Women's Fitness Magazine
Womens fitness Feb 2018.jpg