Why we love a big bag

It's official. We love big bags and the runways of the world have been lapping them up in recent years. Converts spruik the joys of being able to take their belongings from office to plane to resort and beyond with style and ease and we agree! Who wouldn't - they're no longer a trend, but rather, a necessity!

We've been oggling the runways of leading fashion designers and, where these creatives can sometimes be a little out there, we've definitely seen a nod towards easy access, portability and striking colour in recent seasons.



Here's 5 reasons why we love a big bag:

1. They're not up tight. Big bags are meant to be used and, if made well, will stand up to any challenge your family or daily grind throws at it.

2. They're soooo practical. No matter what your life stage, every woman is secretly, or not so secretly, looking for a way to schlep her stuff. If you're lucky enough to find a big bag with compartments and pockets even better!

3. They're great for travel. A large carry-all makes the perfect carry-on, especially if it's soft and can squish into the pesky airport size devices if challenged by authorities!

4. They're perfect for leisure time. Load it up for a picnic, a day at the beach, a bob on the water or a quick getaway. The key is to get out with just one bag (a woman is not a camel!)

5. They make you look slimmer by comparison. Sold!