Goodbye IKEA bag!

If you've been searching for a big, sturdy bag for your active lifestyle - we've got the solution!

Versatility, practicality and style were top of our list when we designed the Kahoots Leisure Bag and it's perfect for anything you need it to be:

• swimming bag
• boating tote
• weekender / overnighter
• travel luggage
• beach bag
• nappy bag
• picnic bag
• BBQ carry-all
• yoga, Pilates or gym bag
• family-get-outdoors-and-stay-all-day-bag

.... or all of these in a 24hr period!

"In anticipation of a weekend at Crown Towers, I bought your Bloom bag to use as my overnighter. Best decision! Everything I needed (and I need a lot) fitted comfortably in this one bag! Historically I would have shown up with either my international sized suitcase fit for a 10 week holiday or 4 small overflowing bags! Instead, I waltzed in comfortably and elegantly with one beautiful tote! Thank you, it's perfect x"

- Rosy M. Australia

"I love my new bag and tassel. It fits heaps in it. I carry three towels, sunscreen, drink bottles, along with purse, phone, keys etc and still have heaps of room. The towels are super amazing and dry really fast. Thanks heaps ladies."

- Filomena G. Australia

"Bought your bag today and we've used it already! Carried the food for dinner to my sisters, the kids clothes, shoes and jumpers, the actual backpack itself that we already had as the kids' bag plus phones wallets and of course a bottle of wine - all in the one bag....oh and the two microfibre towels we bought were still in there. It was awesome!"

- Steve T. Australia