Photo: Anthea K Photography

Photo: Anthea K Photography

Who is Mr Poppins+Co?

We're designers, beach-goers, child wranglers and travel lovers. Leisure time is important to us and we believe that spontaneity and adventure should be easy.

Mr Poppins+Co was born from our quest to find the perfect weekend bag. It needed to be big, versatile, built to last and, of course, stylish - because we believe practical can be beautiful.

We thought: Why can’t one bag offer it all? Is that really too much too ask? We thought that it really wasn’t so we set out to design the ultimate carry-all ourselves. From the very beginning, we have weaved practicality, quality and an individual aesthetic into the creation of our signature products - the extra large Kahoots Leisure Bag and the big Footloose Microfibre Beach Towel.

From the beach to boat, picnics to poolside, the gym to weekends away, Mr Poppins+Co is your perfect sidekick. We are all about designing beautiful and practical lifestyle products that you won’t want to leave home without.

This is just the beginning!